2020 – 2021 Dance Season COVID Policies

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These procedures/guidelines are tentative. We will update
procedures for the fall season as restrictions change

  • All dance classes beginning in September will have a 9 student maximum

    per class.

  • Hand sanitizer will be available upon entry into the facility, as well as in

    each studio and at the front desk

  • Street shoes must be removed, placed on the shelving at the entrance and

    changed into indoor dance shoes upon entry

  • Dancers will bring in all personal belongings into the studio. The dressing

    rooms will be off-limits.

  • Frequent cleaning and disinfecting all areas of the studio will be completed

    throughout the day by staff.

  • A full thorough clean and disinfecting of the entire facility at the end of each

    day by staff.

  • A 5-10 minute break has been scheduled between each class to eliminate

    congestion (staggered arrival times) as well as sanitize each room between

    classes by staff.

  • All rooms will be sectioned off into spaces that are the required 6 feet apart.
  • No partner work in dance classes.
  • Our lobby will be closed until further notice. Any parent wishing to enter the

    building to drop off their dancer must be wearing a mask.

  • Hand washing and sanitizing policies and procedures will be posted

    throughout the facility.

  • Dancers are to wash their hands before and after each class.