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Why Dance Lessons are as Important as Math

Being book smart is essential in life to be successful but having experience with life skills is just as important. Although math teaches things we use in everyday life, dance has the ability to do that as well. Dance provides social interactions, the ability to learn things quickly through visuals, and has a large impact on time management, liability, and commitment. Giving your child the opportunity to thrive in dance classes while learning new skills for the future makes dance an amazing learning environment while making it fun! Whether it is any sport or dance specifically, here are some great examples of why considering dance for your child is as important as math!

Quick Learning Skills 

As your child develops great learning and social skills, this will help your child thrive in all environments as they age. Whether it is school, a job, or socializing at events, having these skills at a young age is extremely beneficial. Dance can provide these skills by the way things are taught during class. When learning choreography or simply being told new steps to do across the floor it helps your child process and understand things quicker and help them develop the best learning style for them. Dance provides styles such as verbal, visual, physical, and social for better understanding as each child develops. When it comes to social skills dance has a significant impact as well

Time Management 

When having a consistent schedule with dance, this subconsciously helps you organize your time. When you have a busy schedule, you must be aware of when you are available in order to make space for free time during your week. Having a dance schedule weekly does exactly that. When you don’t have a lot of activities to do during the week, later in life you won’t already have that skill to stay organized and be reliable when telling people when you are free.


As you get older, it is very important to be reliable when being an employee in any business. Being on time and being a good source of help is what will guarantee a steady job as you age. Enrolling in dance and always coming to class will help your child understand the appreciation and importance of consistency for the future.

Working Well with Others

In the dance environment, you are constantly interacting with your classmates. When surrounded with many opportunities for communication, your child will be able to work well with others with much more ease. Working in partners, sharing props used in each class, and learning things all together are great tactics dance classes use that assist in good work ethic with others.

Although learning math will help you with many things throughout your life, nothing beats the ability to learn essential skills simply by joining dance and having fun. With dance providing opportunities to develop a good work ethic, quick learning, and communication skills, your child will profit immensely. We are constantly welcoming people throughout the dance season and have many varieties of classes that your child may be interested to participate in.