Being book smart is essential in life to be successful but having experience with life skills is just as important. Although math teaches things we use in everyday life, dance has the ability to do that as well. Dance provides social interactions, the ability to learn things quickly through visuals, and has a large impact on time management, liability, and commitment. Giving your child the opportunity to thrive in dance classes while learning new skills for the future makes dance an amazing learning environment while making it

Everyone starts somewhere, and what better way to start when you have so much free time at home! Learning the basic positions for ballet no matter how advanced each dancer is, they still have a significant importance. All basic positions taught in ballet are used throughout every syllabus and all ballet dancers use them frequently. The importance of each step is not how difficult they are but the learning process to master the turnout and balance while maintaining the position which comes to you over time with

Dance is known to create a significant impact on helping your child develop. Although dance has several benefits towards all age groups, it has a larger impact on kids! When the brain is constantly learning and adapting as kids grow, signing your child up for dance can enhance their creativity along with learning how to express themselves, communication skills, spatial awareness and many more!   When taking part in dance class, listening to music and dancing engages the brain for active learning. When put into a fun and welcoming

When participating in dance classes, most studios have rules set in place with what attire is required based merely on each class and the age of your child. Just like most extracurriculars and sports, certain dress codes are created to help the teachers and dancers excel in their learning. Shoes, clothing, and extra accessories may differ based on the style of dance you are participating in. Proper clothing is important as it provides more safety for the dancer and allows the teacher to better evaluate their form. Confidence When

Staying occupied during days when required to stay home is important and CM Dancing provides exactly that! With our one-week online campaign, we are giving everyone the opportunity to dance with us for free! Dancing is therapeutic in many ways and participating in our free trials will help you find if it’s the right thing for you! Although you may be eager to take every class, it is beneficial to choose based on what will interest you the most and give the best experience! Several factors come

The pandemic has affected us all during the past year and we are constantly trying to overcome new obstacles to bring us some fun while at home! Online dance classes are a great way to communicate and stay updated with others while staying active! Although we wish to see everyone in person, taking classes online is the next best thing. Dancing is a common happy place and participating online allows more advantages and perks than you may think. Exercise During quarantine, exercise has felt like a chore which has

Dancers are always ready to show off their best tricks. We can pop a jeté anywhere and pull out a turn into a split whenever we feel like it! But, this is not the safest thing to do! Without stretching before doing these big tricks or before a routine, you can seriously injure yourself. Although it may take some time to do properly, a stretch AND warm up before class is very important. Here are 5 positives to stretching, and 5 consequences when you avoid stretching… 1st Positive: