February 2021

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Staying occupied during days when required to stay home is important and CM Dancing provides exactly that! With our one-week online campaign, we are giving everyone the opportunity to dance with us for free! Dancing is therapeutic in many ways and participating in our free trials will help you find if it’s the right thing for you! Although you may be eager to take every class, it is beneficial to choose based on what will interest you the most and give the best experience! Several factors come

The pandemic has affected us all during the past year and we are constantly trying to overcome new obstacles to bring us some fun while at home! Online dance classes are a great way to communicate and stay updated with others while staying active! Although we wish to see everyone in person, taking classes online is the next best thing. Dancing is a common happy place and participating online allows more advantages and perks than you may think. Exercise During quarantine, exercise has felt like a chore which has