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Why Proper Dance Attire is Important for Dance Lessons

When participating in dance classes, most studios have rules set in place with what attire is required based merely on each class and the age of your child. Just like most extracurriculars and sports, certain dress codes are created to help the teachers and dancers excel in their learning. Shoes, clothing, and extra accessories may differ based on the style of dance you are participating in. Proper clothing is important as it provides more safety for the dancer and allows the teacher to better evaluate their form.


When taking classes, wearing appropriate attire for each style can boost your confidence with your movement. For example, when participating in hip hop, wearing loose-fitting clothing allows each dancer’s movement to feel more comfortable and stylish. If you were to wear a tutu and tiara to a crumping class; dancing would be more of a struggle…

Fewer distractions

Certain accessories are not allowed during class to help reduce distractions to the dancers. To receive the best understanding in each class, focus is essential. Wearing jewelry, hair accessories, etc., can cause a loss of focus. Because of this, it is more beneficial to avoid allowing things that may fall off, or that will distract the dancer.


Wearing the same colour and style of clothing for each class creates better visuals and cleanness for the teachers and dancers. When everyone wears proper attire, dances and steps being taught will be easier to watch with fewer distractions from distinctive clothing. Therefore, wearing the same uniform provides more significant advantages than permitting any clothing to any class.

Preparation for each dance class is as necessary as the dancing itself. Without the proper attire, it will typically restrict a considerable amount of exercise you can handle and how well it can properly be completed. With uniforms requested by your teacher, it will provide further progress in class than if you weren’t to wear them! Although it may seem exaggerative how important we say the right attire is, it truly delivers a significant impact as a result. You can find CM Dancing’s uniform list for all classes on our website,